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Reconnecting Catholic Parishes to Their Communities — The 21st Century Model

Evangelization Through Digital Media

Growing Online Presence

Reconnecting with the community via social media best practices


Catholic churches are filled with beauty that moves the soul

Parish Videos & Livestreaming

Cinematography to convey your message outside the walls of the church

Podcasting & Homily Recording

Record and produce audio content for those who are thirsty for truth

The Catholic Church has the overwhelming task of competing for attention with the secular world which is armed with flashy technology engineered to keep people engaged. Many small parishes lack the time and expertise to connect with parishioners outside of the Sunday obligation. 

Based in Erie, PA, VDM is here to help Catholic institutions evangelize through the use of digital media. With expertise in photography, videography, podcasting and more, VDM can help gain back the attention of your parishioners utilizing 21st century means and methods.

VDM will not only help you create content, but will also train your staff so you can keep costs low and ensure that digital evangelization at your church lasts well into the future. All that is needed is a team who is willing to learn.

A Successful Approach in Just Three Easy Steps

1. Understanding the Need

Identifying and developing goals around missed opportunities to evangelize in and around your parish.

2. Production Planning

Coordinating steps to fill the pews using digital multimedia tailored to fit your specific needs

3. Proper Execution

Providing content and training parish personnel to engage your local community,  saving souls in the process

Digital evangelization doesn’t have to be intimidating. All it takes is a positive attitude and a willingness to learn new technologies. Stay out in front of your parishioners and get them excited to not only come to Sunday Mass but to also live out the gospel in their daily lives. 

Recent Work

St. Peter Cathedral
Eucharist consecration

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