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Recruitment & Retention for Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement

Strategic Marketing, Training, and Development

Connecting With The Community

Utilizing ad campaigns, social media, and other best practices to build relationships with the community you serve


Videos of your department can increase recruitment and fundraising


Capture real moments in your department to tell your story

Livestreaming & Press Conferences

Be transparent by keeping your community in the loop with livestreams and press conferences

Whether you’re a Fire Department, EMS Agency, or Police Department, public support is paramount when it comes to recruitment and fundraising. Due to the busy nature of public safety, social media and other online platforms are often an afterthought. 

Vincent Dragone Media, LLC is more than qualified to serve your agency’s unique needs. Over the last ten years, Vince has served in various volunteer fire departments, an ambulance service, and as a part-time law enforcement officer. Vince’s deep understanding of emergency services, coupled with his experience in photography, videography, and marketing, will aid in your recruitment, retention, and fundraising needs.

Social Media

Social media is the easiest way for departments to communicate with the community. Photos and video showing your level of training and commitment to your stakeholders is key to successful fundraising and recruitment efforts.

Recent Work

Professional headshots
Fire Department movie poster
Fire Fighter House Fire
Fire Fighter in Smoke

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